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Sergio Bonilla is the Principal Wetland and Wildlife Ecologist of Mission Wetland and Ecological Services, LLC (Mission).  Mr. Bonilla majored in Environmental Science at SUNY Plattsburgh where his understanding and passion for ecology began.  His career in wetland, aquatic, and terrestrial ecology started as an instructor at Paul Smith's College, the “College of the Adirondacks.”  Mr. Bonilla then worked as a field crew chief on the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s Kensico Reservoir Waterfowl Management Program in Valhalla, New York.  Following that position, he worked as an Environmental Health Specialist for Rockland County’s West Nile Virus Surveillance Program. Mr. Bonilla then moved to New England where he held wetland ecologist positions for several consulting firms.  With 20 years of experience, Mr. Bonilla brings to Mission a strong foundation in ecological services and a diverse background in wetland and wildlife management for public and private application.  Mission is based in the beautiful seacoast city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.



Mission was launched in 2017 to meet the natural resource requirements and challenges of the linear energy and transportation industries, as well as the commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal markets, larger A/E firms, developers, and contractors in the New England region and adjacent New York.  Mission provides sound, cost-effective, and strategic solutions to the natural resource challenges on a diverse range of projects.  Mission provides exceptional services including jurisdictional wetland delineation, functional assessment, federal biological monitoring, impact analysis, permit preparation and support, mitigation planning and negotiation, Best Management Practice and site access planning, site restoration, construction monitoring, and reporting.  Mission is very fast-paced, energetic, extremely competent, loyal, thorough, and charismatic.  Mission is the perfect choice to navigate the field and regulatory components of a project and assist clients in realizing and optimizing project goals.    


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